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Your Perfect Contract Manufacturing/OEM Partner

From manufacturing and quality control to customer service, no other contract manufacturing/OEM partner is better positioned than TCF. We efficiently deliver large volumes of cookies you need while maintaining high level of quality assurance. 

Our manufacturing competences include sourcing of fine ingredients, highly experienced personnel and forefront manufacturing facilities enable us to produce the best solutions to our clients and meet the most demanding standards. 

Our clients get the sense of reliability knowing that our factory is always audit-ready, that we can meet tough certification requirements, and that our values lie in manufacturing products with strict quality and controls.

TCF’s equipment base is highly flexible and diverse. By leveraging on our equipment capabilities, we are able to meet virtually any specification for contract manufacturing and packaging of various kinds of cookies.

We pride ourselves on being a flexible and responsive manufacturing partner. We are always ready to do whatever it takes to meet our clients’ needs and enhance partnerships, including investing in new facilities. TCF can work with you in the ways that best suit your production needs!

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